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IT addicted since I was young, I have a Technical Institute Diploma as Computer Specialist, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Bologna. I’m a skilled programmer (java, C, bash, php, …) who enjoys solving problems and challenges. I have worked as SEO, programmer, web developer (WordPress customisations, web services, front-end and back-end development), software engineer and system administrator (Amazon Web services mostly and any shared hosting or VPS). As SEO I have developed most of my work experience; I’m an analytical person and I always focus on results. Social media marketing, lead generation, web marketing strategies are only few of the expertise I have studied during the last years and of course all my IT preparation has helped me a lot to see things way better than from the economic marketing point of view. I know what, from a mathematical point of view (stationary distribution), google algorithm wants to achieve, what is a CURL request, how HTTP headers are send/received and how an Apache/NGINX server works, just an essential knowledge if someone wants to work as SEO. I can also coordinate teams, develop in agile programming environment and work remotely.

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SEO/SEM and Web Marketing

Task Automation

System Administrator

Problem Solving


Data Analysit

UI Developer

Website Optimisation

Tools, Techniques and Languages I worked with

Programming: Agile Programming, Scrum, GIT, Maven, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, vim, Mysql, MySQLWorkbench, phpMyAdmin, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, ANSI C, Jquery, JavaScript, Java EE, Spring MVC, Design Patterns, Bash scripting, Logstash, XML, Liquid Markup, TeX, DOM, Xpath, XSLT, Ajax, CSM, CRM, WordPress, Magento, Shopify.

Sys Admin: ISO/OSI, Unix Systems, Apache, NGINX, Amazon Web Services, EC2, RDS, iptables, scripting, chron, bash, AWK, packet analyzer, ab, DNS.

SEM: Google Adwords, DEM, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Facebook insights, Facebook App developer, Twitter Ads, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting (SEO oriented), Sprout Social, Social Sharing, News Sharing (Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg and more aggregators), Engagement monitoring, conversion and goals analysis, PPC, CPC, content data analysis.

SEO: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Tools, Chrome Inspect Tools, ahrefs, Moz Pro, SERP, SEO Powersuite, Majestic SEO, Raven Tools, Alexa, Advanced Web Rankings, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, .htaccess, 301 redirects, 404 removal, Page grading, Benchmarking, Pingdom tools, IFTTT, Google Keyword research tools, Keywords KPI analysis, rebranding, code optimisation, Javascript compression, async JS, modpagespeed, user experience and design, Google usability patterns, call to actions, content grading, targeting, Key Points (USP), Title/Url/Meta, Open Graph, Microdata, schema.org, Typo squatting, Domain Authority, Page rank, Target and language localization.



SEO / SEM, IT Specialist Consultant at RTR srl - Sports Marketing

August 2011 – Present
I started the experience in RTR as a SEO/SEM, analysing the current status of the infrastructure and positioned the website so as to study and build a solid strategy to lead the company (with an analogical approach) on gathering new clients (call center) to a totally inbound way of getting new clients. We have grown contacts and request more than 200%, just thanks to website pages and search engine presence. After a lot of SEO, I studied good SEM strategies to promote RTR content and grow popularity of all the digital properties. The results were really amazing and we have reached one of the best fan base of a marketing agency in Italy.
When RTR got bigger in terms of page rank, domain authority and organic views, I made a second website to focus RTR business not only in Italy, but in UK too, with a rtrsports.co.uk website localised in London. Activities of Link Building, Link Popularity, Content production, UI design studies, A/B tests and rebuilding all the infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (migration made by myself) were only the basic activities I did. I used famous analytical tools such as Ahref, MozPro, GoogleAnalytics, GWT to achieve all the knowledge from an analytical aspect and almost coded all the upgrades by myself too.
I even used a lot of Marketing campaign tools, but mostly Google Adwords.
As DEM platform I’m skilled on CampaignMonitor.
Now I have an activity calendar with tasks I have to do day by day and I am always searching for improvement in organic views, win over competitors and convert most of the users who find us in clients.

Owner of Hypercubelabs

July 2011 – Present
Hypercube Labs. is my personal project, I created the agency in 2011 and I use it to work as a freelance for any challenging project that anyone could send me.
I’m skilled in SEO/SEM activities, Website optimisation, Website design and coding, building hosting / VPS solutions. However I also enjoy any other project where creativity and technologic innovations are tool to create winning marketing strategies.
Lead generation and ROI are my KPI.

Ecommerce Web Developer, SEO/SEM, Social Marketing Consultant at My Len

January 2013– May 2013
I’ve analysed all e-commerce on the market to satisfy specific necessity of the company and selected between Magento, Shopify, BigCartel and WooCommerce Selected and configured Shopify, added plugins and tested it. Coded the multi language propriety and edited a massive part in the theme code for responsive purposes.
The e-commerce was optimised in every part, from content to code, for SEO/SEM purpose. Started a social marketing campaign on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Planned collaborations with bloggers and partners to build links and brand awareness. Configuring and maintaining the ecommerce up and running for high peak of traffic. Results: http://mylenstyle.com
Some references to the code written and template modified can be found here:

Website development and promoting for Paola Angoletta

April 2012– June 2012
Creation of http://paola-angoletta.com, a website for a famous Italian painter and decorator. Promoting her website to improve rank on some specific keywords in organic search as tool of inbound marketing and to increase revenue. (Now the website is different)

Web Developer at Goldmine Factory

all 2010 – all 2011
Goldmine Factory is a Music Event Organisation agency based in Bologna, Italy. I did created and managed the website, setup and configuration of the hosting service and designed the website.
I even studied efficient ways to promote all the events reaching huge amount of people and found new ways to engage them on social networks.

Freelance Web Designer and SEO/SEM at Cruzeiro Corp.

October 2004 – December 2006
As my first experience with IT jobs (was 18 years old) my main goals were:
Design, Creation and Management of websites, Web Marketing Strategy Management, Marketing Campaign implementation, Data Analysis, SEO, SEM, SERP, Create brand strategies, Maximise ROI with PPC (Google / Yahoo)

Personal Projects

Treasure Hunt Protocol - Facebook Application

March 2009 – June 2009
Facebook Web Application: Treasure hunt game on Facebook granting APIs for external use. De- veloped with mashup technologies and web services, integrating youtube, google maps, etc… De- signed with Model View Control model.

Optimising a Website

October 2009 – December 2009
Website optimisation using: Human-Machine Interaction Design Pattern Social Engineer Studies Web service implementation Analysis of Human behaviour and cognitive psychology.

Hearts (game)

March 2010 – June 2010
Developing a Client/Server system for playing the famous multiplayer card game, with lobby and chat functionalities, written in Java. Client/Server Architecture with communication based on an extension of XMPP protocol.

MikonOS: Minimal microkernel for MIPS architecture

December 2006 – December 2007
Me and some colleague from university developed a complete microkernel OS running on MIPS architecture, for academic purposes.
The MIKONOS Operating System (OS) described below is inspired to other experiences of Kaya OS, AMIKE OS and AMIKaya OS projects. All of them are descending (not directly) from the THE OS outlined by E. Dijkstra. In his papers he described an OS divided into six layers. Each layer provides an abstraction layer to the i+1 layer. Kaya derives from
the past experiences of the TINA OS and MPS, a rework of the HOCA OS and CHIP. The AMIKE and AMIKaya specifications introduced microkernel operating systems, based on the message passing facility. MIKONOS will be yet another microkernel operating system, based this time on an unusual variant of message passing inspired by Toth’s primitives and the QnixOS.
References can be found here: MikonOS Project


Master's degree, Computer Science

Università di Bologna / University of Bologna (Sealed at the moment because of high amount of work to do, 3 exams left to completion.)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science

Università di Bologna / University of Bologna

High School Diploma, Computer Science

Technical Institute “E. Fermi”, Ascoli Piceno


English (Full professional proficiency)
Italian (Native or bilingual proficiency)


fabio.quinzi@gmail.com                   cruzeiro_85

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